HAES in the Media

Some of the discussions in the media relating to HAES.

Fear of an obesity epidemic is making the problem worsee
by Jenny Jameson
22nd Feb 2012

Do we really want to sacrifice our health in order to pursue a goal of weight loss that may well be a blind alley?

It's not obesity that's killing us - it's the lack of exercise
by Sarah Warwick
28th Nov 2011

Studies have shown that you can be fat and fit. So why are we obsessing about what we eat rather than how much we move?

Tossing Out the Diet and Embracing the Fat
by Mandy Katz
16th July 2009

This movement — a loose alliance of therapists, scientists and others — holds that all people, “even” fat people, can eat whatever they want and, in the process, improve their physical and mental health and stabilize their weight.

Love your fat child, don't shame them
by Marianne Kirby
4th June 2009

If your child is fat, it's far more important to let them know they are loved than to encourage them to diet.

All Shapes and Sizes
by Lucy Aphramor, Sharon Curtis (HAES UK) and Scotlyn Sabean (HAES Ireland)
9th May 2009

It is counterproductive to pour money and effort into making everyone slim - let's encourage an ethical approach to weight

Obese 'should exercise not diet'
4th December 2006

Women who are clinically obese don't need to diet to improve their health, say UK researchers.

Obesity: Size isn't everything
by Jerome Burne
21st June 2005

Obesity has been trumpeted as the biggest health risk of modern times. But is it really?